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Performance Physical Therapy is a patient centered physical therapy practice that places an emphasis on quality of life and quality of movement. Our mission is to improve the lives of our patients and members of our community through minimizing pain and promoting a physically active lifestyle. ​

Whatever the activity is, we will help you Perform Better. If you enjoy CrossFit, we will help keep you at the peak of your fitness while you train. If you love sports, we will help get you back out on the field so you can keep winning with your team! If you are a new parent, we will help you navigate the fatigue, aches, and pains of parenthood so that you can keep up with the kids!​

Our patients are our number one priority. If you ever have a question about your injury, you will have near 24/7 access to your Doctor, so that there is never any doubt about your current health.

Dr. Brandon Applegate PT, DPT, CSCS, Cert. DN

Office: 5006 S Rogers St Bloomington, IN 47403

Call (812) 472-4132

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