Our Method

Early Manual Therapy to Reduce Pain

We use a number of hands on techniques to help knock your pain down fast! This allows us to get you moving more comfortably, so that you can keep working out as you rehab your injury. Among our favorite techniques are Dry Needling with Electrical Stimulation, Spine and Joint Manipulation, Massage, and Myofascial Cupping.

Spine Adjustments

Dry Needling with Estim

Corrective Exercises to Start Addressing the Root Cause of Your Pain

We all love massage and having our neck and back popped! However, it is important that we implement some corrective exercises along the way so that we fully address the root cause of your pain! These exercises will be your bread and butter to help keep you out of pain, and prevent your pain from coming back down the road. If these exercises look tough, don't worry! We will prescribe exercises that match your fitness level!

Landmine RDL

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